Stop what you are doing, and bake this.

Apple Cupcakes with Cinnamon Frosting.

Do it.


Do I look like a girl who would lead you wrong about food?

Oh right. Pictures.

Seriously. Would this face send you to bad baking? Nuh uh.



  1. oh boy, loaded question. I like tart, but juicy, apples for baking. Some of my favorites are fireside, cortland, sweet 16, connell red. Of course, who knows if you can get any of those outside the confines of the greater Twin Cities area…

  2. My god, is there anything your parents don’t grow/raise that isn’t on the top 5 things I love list?
    You lead a charmed life, girl.

  3. We get Granny Smiths at the stores here. That should be a decent substitute. I’ll have to pick some up when we go shopping tonight, because those just look too dang good.

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