But you spread rat poison on it first. (right)?

So the one annoying thing about having a home office is that I have to have a landline to participate in conference calls and the like.  Funny story: we have a great Nordeast number but it’s apparently listed in an ancient phonebook somewhere as the number for Rainbow Foods.


So we regularly get old ladies calling us asking about stamps or food preservation or how to re-crisp stale potato chips.

I’m on one such conference call today and get a voicemail while on the phone deemed blogworthy by my husband.  Says voicemail,

“I need to hear from a butcher.  I need to know if its safe to freeze ham.  I have heard over the years that you shouldn’t.  I want to hear it.  My name is Barbara and you can call me back at blah-blah-blah-blee-blah-de-blah.  Thank you.”

I mean, it IS safe to freeze ham… isn’t it?  I have half a mind to call the actual butcher and ask.  And then to pose as a butcher and call this poor woman back.

(also: Yikes.  I wouldn’t ever, EVER ask the local Big Grocery Store a food safety question.  Leave that to someone who isn’t paid minimum wage.  Yeesh.)



  1. So, even after listening to your voice mail, which I assume indicates your name and company, which is not Rainbow Foods (unless you got a new job in the last few hours I don’t know about), she STILL asked you about freezing ham?

    Ditto to asking the Big Box stores anything regarding…well, anything, really!

    And yes, I’ve done it, both uncooked and cooked ham, and it’s fine.

    This made my day.

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