2 weeks out

This week, our CSA switches from being delivered every week to every other week. It signals several things:

  • Fall moving quickly into the winter season
  • The onslaught of storable veggies — sweet potatoes, squash, kale, beauty heart radishes, celeriac
  • Meal planning 2 weeks out instead of weekly

It’s an interesting challenge, as I have to think about what meats we have in the freezer (and which I need to venture to our local butcher to buy… this summer has seen me totally converted to butcher-for-best-meat), along with considering what we’ve preserved for use over the leaner months (Now through April… almost 6 months, here in MN), what we’ll be getting from the CSA (which gleefully takes us through January, leaving  3 miserable months with nearly no local produce and me, languishing in the grocery store with my nose upturned at lettuce from California and cardboard-flavored fruits.  Sigh.  We eat a lot of starch and cheese those three months).

Anyhow, in the interim, we’re still blissfully enjoying a plethora of greens from the farm, as well as heading wholeheartedly into soups and roots season.  Nothing wrong with that, right?

11/5: baked pork chops, honey-dill carrots and our small-batch applesauce

11/6: sweet potato gnocchi with crispy leek rings, sauteed apples & craisins, and cheese sauce; spinach salads

11/7: chicken enchiladas, rice and beans

11/8: Salmon fillets with a butternut-spinach gratin

11/9: DTs Macaroni and cheese and lettuce salads

11/10: leftover clean up

11/11: caramelized onion and cheese omelets; oven-roasted rosemary olive oil home fries

11/12: spaghetti, big salads, and garlicky bread

11/13: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, & salads, homemade bread and cherry pie

11/14: southwest steak soup

11/15: tuna noodle hotdish (don’t laugh; it’s delicious!)

11/16: Pesto chicken breasts with pasta in garlic-butter, green salads

11/17: leftover clean up

11/18: in honor of a girls’ night, I’ve been tasked with dessert, for which there will be a flourless chocolate torte and dulce de leche ice cream.


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